Paint Price Comparison 2017

Paint Price Comparison 2017! Here it is and it includes the retail price for 22 major brands! This list is the best of the best interior paint brands.

You will find the important details that matter most listed below: price per gallon, price per square foot, and coverage/spread rate. All of them neatly organized from least expensive per square foot to the most expensive per square foot. Time sure does fly because I can’t believe 2012 was the last time this Paint Price Comparison was updated.

Buy the Best You Can Afford

Your biggest takeaway from this infographic is price per gallon doesn’t always tell the complete story about a can of paint. How far the paint will go, the spread rate, is an estimated average. Your mileage may vary. These numbers assume smooth walls that have been painted at least once.

I always tell my clients to buy the top of the line grade of paint. As the infographic illustrates, the difference PER SQUARE FOOT between the least expensive and pricier gallons is only a few cents in most cases. So, thoughtfully evaluate what you’re getting in each can in order to determine its true value.

Cheap Can Be Expensive

Using a cheaper grade of paint will end up costing you more in the long run. Color may not come out as expected. It may not cover well or go very far. Or, it may be messy and difficult to apply (especially for a DIYer). Don’t be penny wise and pound stupid. For just a few cents more per square foot, there’s a darn good chance that you can afford top of the line, luxury paint brands.

And, of course, brands like Fine Paints of Europe, Farrow & Ball, Ellen Kennon Full Spectrum Paint, C2 Full Spectrum Paint, Donald Kaufman Full Spectrum Paint, and even Benjamin Moore’s Aura, each bring something extra to the table. Be sure to consider the luxury, specialty features of these brands not captured in this Paint Price Comparison 2017 infographic.

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Paint price comparison 2017

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