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  1. Catharine Perkins

    Hi Lori!

    I would like to paint the ceiling of my townhouse front porch Haint Blue. Do I order a gallon from you or does your sample have the BM formulary to purchase locally?

    Thank you so much!

    P.S. Trying to create a slice of Charleston in Atlanta!

    1. Hi Catharine,

      Thanks for your interest! We do not ship paint. We ship hand-painted 4.75 inch circles with the custom formula printed on the back. I used Sherwin-Williams for my custom colors so that’s the formula that comes with your sample but because we also provided a hand-painted side on the sample, you can take it to any paint counter and have them match it.

    1. Hi Holly,

      Nope, you’re not missing anything. Good question. Kind of a long explanation. The color wheel is composed of two parts. The inside hue family spokes and on the outside degrees. Each part answers a different question.

      The inside hue family spokes answers the question, “If this color were a color in the three-dimensional Munsell Color Space what hue family would it belong to and where would it fit?”

      The outside hue angle degrees answers the question, “If this color were a color in the three-dimensional XYZ Tristimulus color space also known as The Human Gamut of color, what hue family would it belong to and where would it fit?”

      The Munsell Color space is smaller than The Human Gamut of color. That means sometimes the Munsell Hue Family notation and the hue angle degrees will not align perfectly but they will be close. This is a good thing because it provides two different contexts in which to compare colors.

      In the case of Manchester Tan, its Munsell Hue Family is 1.57 Y and it’s h° is 90.6. You’ll also notice that there are two Manchester Tan’s listed in easyRGB. That’s because they measured the paint chips from the Color Preview fandeck AND the Classic fandeck. One lists the h° as 90.6, the other 88.8°. Two differing measurements that are close which actually affirms that Manchester Tan’s hue family is indeed right around that 90° mark.

      Color measurements are not a perfect science for many reasons — but it’s a good thing. If the data were too perfect, then it wouldn’t be nearly as useful. When you have different numbers for the same spectral data values, what’s important is that they are close. Because then you know there is a high degree of accuracy. If the numbers are far apart, differ too much, then you know you have a problem with the data. So it works out as a kind of built-in checks and balances system.

      One last thing, only use LCh°(ab), ignore LCh°(uv).

    1. Holy cow! I did not know there were typos in the hex guide portion of the ebook. I am revising this immediately. Will email new PDF of the book with revised pages as soon as possible. Thank you so much for letting me know!

    1. Hi Kathryn. I sell hand painted samples with the formula printed on the back in the store here on this website. When you get your painted sample with formula, you can take it to any paint counter and they can mix it for you. I had the colors custom mixed using Sherwin-Williams base and colorants and the formula on the back reflects that — but, again, you can take the sample anywhere and they will figure out how to mix the color for you.

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