How to Compare White Paint Colors


This guideline has yet to fail me.

Oh no! Don’t see your color in the infographic? No worries.

You will find the Munsell Chroma values for all major paint brands (and then some) in the Paint Color DNA Table.

Chroma: In order to ensure neither color of white makes the other look dirty or dingy, there needs to be a difference in Munsell Chroma of at least 0.2. That’s the “Chroma” column in the DNA Table, not “C”.

Hue Family: Does it look pretty? This is about preference. Personally, I don’t like the hue angle to be too close. Less than 5 degrees is too close. Also, don’t like it too far apart. More than 12 or 15 degrees is too far – again, for me. Your mileage may vary because context matters.


The white paint colors are arranged around The Color Strategist Color Wheel according to hue family.

If you get all the chips and put them in the same order, you will easily be able to see the spectral gradation of hue.

Let’s talk about hue family for a sec.

Hue family is scientifically determined by measuring a color with a colorimeter or spectrophotometer. It’s the wavelength part of that measurement that defines a color’s hue family.

Hue family is objective, accurate and consistent because of the way colorimeters and spectrophotometers work.

Both (colorimeter or spectrophotometer) take measurements using a consistent light source and illumination method. Because of how they work, they also create consistent measurement conditions. Doesn’t matter if it’s day or night, indoors or outdoors.

The result is anytime and anywhere you have a fast, easy, and accurate way to measure color and quantify how the human vision system sees color.

In Camp Chroma’s on-line, on-demand color training programs you learn how color works. Because it’s only logical that the simple, straightforward color system that is used to make color is the same system we use for specifying color.

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