Lily White 2128-70 by Benjamin Moore Color Review

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Lily White 2128 70 Colorography

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It’s Factually a True Blue White Paint Color

The truth is there are VERY FEW colors of white that belong to the Blue hue family.

Lily White is one of those few.

The colors of white that many believe to have “blue undertones” factually belong to Green-Yellow, Green or Blue-Green hue families.

Once you compare the colors that have been randomly, subjectively labeled as a white with a “blue undertone” to Lily White, you’ll see it immediately.

Compared to a color of white that factually belongs to the Blue hue Family, like Lily White, the signature of Green-Yellow, Green and Blue-Green is obvious and undeniable.

I recommend getting a chip of Lily White when you’re shopping for white paint colors so you can make an accurate, factual comparison – you can easily see it for yourself.

What is the Color Category?

WHITE – But… I need to explain. Lily White just barely misses the Whites category by 0.12.


Because of its Value of 9.0.

Its Chroma of 0.65 isn’t an issue because it still hits in the lower numbers in terms of colorfulness.

Technically, it is a Light near Neutral.

HOWEVER, there is critical color measurement information that needs to be considered.

Photodetectors loose sensitivity near and below 400 nm – the blue region of the spectrum.

As a result, it’s more difficult to get repeatable and accurate measurements in the blue region.

Logically, this could explain WHY technically there are no white paint colors from the blue hue family – across the board. In any paint brand.


If you can’t measure it, you can’t make it.

And it’s also why I believe it’s reasonable to overlook 0.12 in Value and slide Lily White into the Whites category

How can we so clearly and concisely categorize color of whites and off-whites? Because we have hue, value, chroma and LRV color notations that describe what colors look like. So, we can easily eliminate confusion and chaos.

Making the task of sorting and categorizing paint colors fun and an absolute pleasure:


Value 9.12 to 10.00

Chroma less than 0.55


Value 9.12 to 10.00

Chroma 0.55 to 1.15

Light Near Neutrals

Value 8.12 up to 9.12

Chroma 0.1 to 1.00

Near Neutrals

Value 0.1 up to 8.12

Chroma 0.1 to 1.00

Why is Hue Family Important?

The reason WHY it’s so important to properly categorize paint colors by their factual hue parent is because of color harmony. Color harmony hinges on color relationships.

In order to figure out how colors relate – in other words what colors go together – you need The Color Strategist Color Wheel and its handbook of color harmonies.

Because if you don’t have the paint color categorized correctly to begin with, you’ll never figure out why if there’s something “off” or not quite right about a color combination or entire palette.

Color Basics 101

This is why so many are struggling with white-on-white color schemes. They’ve been misinformed about the inherent hue quality of white paint colors.

For example, the egregious “it has a blue undertone”.

Again, most white paint colors do not – factually – have any bias of blue whatsoever.

Some whites can show up and – actually – appear bluish but that’s 100% due to the quality of light it’s being viewed in. But that doesn’t mean it’s inherently, conclusively “blue”.

Because change the light and you change how a color appears. That’s Color Basics 101.

Hue Family Map Lily White 2128-70

In context of its Hue Family neighborhood, 9 B (Blue), on The Color Strategist Color Wheel. The pink arrows point to where Lily White 2128-70 fits in among the other colors according to its Value of 9.00 and Chroma of 0.65 rounded to 0.50.

Hue Family Lily White 2128 70

PICTURES OF Lily Blue 2128-70

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  1. Thank you! I am very color sensitive and all the yellow-green-brown “whites” were killing me. I am excited to try out “Lily White”!! Blue hue, who knew?

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