Whisper DEW640 by Dunn-Edwards

Paint Blob Whisper DEW640 by Dunn-Edwards
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Whisper DEW640 Colorography
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Hue Family Whisper DEW640

Here’s Whisper DEW640 by Dunn-Edwards in context of its Hue Family neighborhood, 5 Y (Yellow), on The Color Strategist Color Wheel. The pink arrows point to where Whisper DEW640 fits in among the other colors according to its Value 9.31 rounded to 9.38 and Chroma of 0.58 rounded to 0.50.

Hue Family Whisper DEW640


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5 thoughts on “Whisper DEW640 by Dunn-Edwards”

  1. Hi Lori,
    I am considering DE Whisper for both walls and trim. Can you tell me if it can work as a soft white or read too yellow? We’ve had good results with DE Swiss Coffee in the past, but it’s a little too dark for this project.
    Thanks, Becky

  2. Hi Becky,

    Whisper has a healthy bump of Chroma, 0.58. To put that in perspective, it’s a little more than Benjamin Moore’s popular Simply White.

    So definitely a creamy color of white. I suggest testing carefully in your space because surrounding colors could push the yellowness. Keep in mind, it will look different in different sheens as well. Always worth buying a quart in the grade and sheen you ultimately want to use before buying gallons.

    You’ll also what to ask about hide – how many coats will it take of Whisper to get a full, opaque finish. I’m guessing it’s going to be 3 coats. I recommend a less expensive primer for the first.

  3. Thanks so much for the quick response! I did pick up a sample can of Whisper. Any thoughts on how it compares to SW Alabaster?

  4. Hi Lori! I’m looking at deciding between Dunn Edwards Whisper and Benjamin Moore Cloud White. I’m looking for a warm white for a modern transitional home that doesn’t read too yellow. Benjamin Moore Dove White was too gray in my home and I’m worried Benjamin Moore Simply White will be too bright. I have E, S, and W facing windows in my room with a lot of green coming in due to the trees surrounding the home. Which would you recommend? Thank you!

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