Virtual Color Consultation


Starting from $137
Color by YOUR Numbers: Walls, Trim/Doors, Ceiling

Transform your space with our highly customized, comprehensive, and personalized approach to paint color selection.

What’s Included:

1. Color Kit:

  • NIX Mini 3 Sensor with app instructions.

  • Use the sensor to measure fixed finishes and key elements in your space.

  • Send us screenshots from the app for analysis.

2. Color Strategy:

  • We organize your data into a spreadsheet.

  • Using the Paint Color DNA Table, we analyze hue angles and align paint colors within the same hue family range.

  • We curate a list of paint colors, including various tints, tones, shades, neutrals, and bold options.

3. Custom Color Strategy:

  • Receive a comprehensive Color Strategy PDF: Wall color, trim/doors, ceiling

  • Includes your curated color list, sheen selection recommendations, and color placement guidance.

4. Personalized Consultation:

  • 15-minute video chat to review your Color Strategy and answer questions.

  • Additional design time available in 15-minute blocks for $50 per block.

Why Choose Color by YOUR Numbers™?

  • Precision and Personalization: Use the NIX Mini 3 Sensor for precise measurements, eliminating guesswork.

  • Expert Curated Colors: Navigate the vast world of paint colors with professional expertise for a cohesive palette.

  • Comprehensive Guidance: Detailed information on color application, sheen, and placement for maximum impact.

  • Flexible Support: Personalized feedback with the option to extend your consultation as needed.

Achieve professional-grade color harmony effortlessly. Book your consultation today and discover the perfect hues for your space.

In the box:

Unlock the perfect hues with the Color by YOUR Numbers Kit™. This bundle includes: •NIX Mini 3 Color Sensor •Lanyard •Charging Cable •Color Strategist Color Wheel 5″ •Mini Canvas Tote for NIX •Post-it Notepad

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