Do These Colors Work?


(Limit 3 Colors)

Hire us to take a closer look. We’ll do a scientific color harmony analysis.

Homeowners: Feeling just semi-confident with your or your designer’s color choices and need a second opinion?

Designers: You know you have a good eye for color but you’d love for someone else to take a look and validate your color design. You can hire a second set of eyeballs trained to see color thru an artistic AND scientific lens. You do not have to go it alone.

Send us your complete color plan including brands, color names and numbers, and we’ll investigate.

What happens after you purchase?

(Limit 3 Colors)

We’ll need an overview of your color dilemma.

If you buy on a business day, you’ll get an email with instructions for Next Steps within 24 hours.

If it’s the weekend or a holiday, you’ll hear from us by the next business day.


We’ll check out your color situation and make sure the harmonies and contrasts are legit.

Evaluating combinations based on hue, value and chroma is how we operate.

If we think it’s necessary, we will offer suggestions for alternative colors.

We’ll explain everything that’s right -or not so right- about your color plan using the very handy Colorographies that we make here at The Land of Color.

Alabaster, Nacre, Sea Salt Case Study Mini

Colorographies illustrate the key color attributes that harmony is hinged on.

Drawing a picture of how color works – how harmonies work – means you’ll understand WHY the color plan works or doesn’t work.

Please note when you authorize your PayPal payment, you are accepting these terms and conditions:

All final color, material, and product decisions are the sole responsibility of client. Color Strategies, LLC cannot be held liable for product, material, color selection, painting, or installation.


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