Lori Sawaya, Color Strategist

Making color easy for everyone to use and understand is my superpower

For over two decades I have taught thousands of people – just like you –  insider secrets real color experts use every day to make and manage color. And most importantly, how that practical information translates into easier and faster color decisions.

~Lori Sawaya, Color Strategist

color consultant certification


What you really need is a basic, evidence-based approach to color so you can design effortlessly and explain color confidently.

Because the information out there is overwhelming, confusing, inconsistent, totally subjective, or just plain WRONG. Have you ever wondered if there even is one color system to explain how color works (or is everybody just making it up…?).

You’re not alone. We have the answers.

hue value chroma paint colors


Sort > Search > Save. Get hue, value, chroma and LRV notations for paint colors from all major brand’s. An invaluable color tool formatted to make color easy for you to understand.


Explore extraordinary content about color. Here’s where I share my color expertise with you. My color point of view focuses on the art and science of color. Be sure to sign up to get new content alerts.

Colorography Lab #colorographylab


Easy, at-a-glance format: A Colorography illustrates the most useful info about paint colors: hue, value, chroma and LRV of all the most popular paint colors from the popular major brands.

Color Psychology Ebook


Color Secrets Unlocked Series. Volume 1 • Color Psychology and Meaning – Your complete guide to what colors say! Packed with infographics. English or Spanish.

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