Paint Color DNA Table

Subscribe to The Paint Color DNA Table. Search, sort and order hue, value, chroma and LRV notations for thousands of paint colors from major brands.

Easily understand color – STOP the visual gymnastics trying to see undertones.

Get Color Right – STOP wasting money on color samples.

The ONLY resource where you can search, sort, and compare paint colors from major brands by independent filters for:

  • Brand

  • LRV

  • Munsell Hue/Value/Chroma

  • CIELAB LCh (Lightness, Chroma, Hue Angle)

These notations spell out a color’s attributes FOR YOU.

Finally, an EASY way to understand color characteristics and appearance.

Tutorial Included

Your monthly subscription grants you access to this powerful color tool. Hue, Value, Chroma and LRV notations are formatted into a sortable table. Click the arrows in the headings to order columns ascending or descending.

Search thousands of paint colors from all major brands - and not so major brands too.

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