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Find My Color - Package 1


This package is for you if:

  • You found a color that you like but you wish it was lighter, darker, more/less gray, etc. Instead of custom mixing or tweaking a formula, let us do a search and see if your perfect color already exists.
  • You’re starting with a fixed finish like a counter top, or maybe it’s a sofa or a rug but you have no clue how to choose a paint color to go with.

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We’re booked and are not taking new clients at this time.

What happens after you purchase?

We’ll need an overview of your color dilemma.

If you buy on a business day, you’ll get an email with instructions for Next Steps within 24 hours.

If it’s the weekend or a holiday, you’ll hear from us by the next business day.

More About Tweaking Formulas:

We get it. You found a color you love BUT it would be perfect if it were just a little…

Lighter?  Darker?  More/Less Green?  More/Less Blue?  More/Less Red?  More/Less Yellow? More/Less Gray?


If we can’t find the color you’re looking for, then you’ll have to resort to a custom formula.

So, why not just tweak the paint color formula to begin with?

Good question.

People mistakenly believe when they cut a formula only the part, or element of the color that they don’t like is going to change.

Logically, intellectually they have an expectation of how the cut color will look.

Because they think cutting a paint color formula is like cutting a cookie recipe. A regular batch of cookies yields 2 dozen cookies. If you only want 12 cookies, you just cut the recipe in half.


it’s not similar at all.

When the resulting color doesn’t align with what they logically imagined it would look like, then they question what they see.

Because it literally does not add up.


Hue, value (light/dark) and chroma (clean/dirty).

When you adjust a formula all three dimensions are affected – not just the part or attribute that you wanted to change, like lightness.

And there is no way to predict to what degree each dimension will change.

Adding white to a can of architectural paint is also a bad plan. How effective it is lightening the color depends on the strength of the colorants, In some cases you can add an entire gallon of white paint and barely change the color, barely affect the lightness value.


Despite what you read on the blogs, in every instance it is absolutely a bad idea to play the tweaking the paint color formula game because 98% of the time you’re going to lose.

You don’t know what the color is going to look like until you have it mixed. And as you have may already learned, you have to buy the sample/quart/gallon whether you like the color or not.

Color experts use color measurements to figure out lighter/darker versions of paint colors. Has absolutely nothing to do with the formula.

Please note when you authorize your PayPal payment, you are accepting these terms and conditions:

All final color, material, and product decisions are the sole responsibility of client. Color Strategies, LLC cannot be held liable for product, material, color selection, painting, or installation.


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Find My Color - Package 1

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