Pantone Color of the Year 2014 – 2000

Pantone color of the year 2014 is Radiant Orchid.  And, of course, that means it’s time to add another petal to the Pantone Colors of the Year infographic.

I’m not surprised it’s a color from the red-purple neighborhood of the color wheel.  I was kind of hoping it would be a color that was deeper and moodier like cordovan or oxblood like I mentioned here in this post.  But the not surprised part comes from what I’ve observed on my ‘I Love Color’ Pinterest board — purple is the favorite color by far.  I’m not even sure how many times it’s been repinned at this point.  Definitely have to say I’ve noticed a purple-ish vibe referenced many different ways, many different places lately.  Will be entertaining to watch how Radiant Orchid translates in 2014.

So, here ya go.  An infographic of Pantone Colors of the Year going all the way back to the very first Color of the Year announced in 2000.  Included all the important numbers for your convenience. Feel free to Pin and share, just remember the information in the brown box at the bottom must remain attached.

Enjoy!  Pantone color of the year 2014

Color of the Year downloadable PDF – Fair warning, it’s a big file so give it a minute.


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