Color Experts are the Best Listeners

 Color Experts Best Listeners


There are color secrets, methods, and processes fully loaded behind every color expert with listening being the most important skill.  Listening skills need more time in the spotlight.

Here is an example where listening is crucial:  Taupe, greige, khaki, beige are abstract, mainstream words used to describe certain sensations of color.  However, technically and in reality those words have no real meaning.  They are broad ideas that encompass a range of color.  As a result, they mean something different to everyone.  They are a good example of why as a color expert it is important to listen to how people speak to color in order to ascertain what it is they truly mean.

In other words, some people interpret taupe as being pinkish; others think it is a hybrid of purple and brown; then there are the bastions that feel taupe is a dark gray.  All of them are right because you cannot argue with somebody else’s perception of color.  That’s not a problem for color experts because they know how to listen for all the right clues and translate other people’s color vernacular into tangible palettes – it’s what they do best.

Color experts hear and envision the colors you think.

Here is a link to an interesting post about standards for visual evaluation of color.  It talks about standard practices for judging color starting with regular testing of the observers whose job it is to evaluate color.  Professionals whose business it is to evaluate and judge color go to great lengths to control the viewers and viewing environment in order to get the most consistent read possible.

Obviously, such controlled environments are not possible when it comes to choosing colors for architectural applications.  Controlled conditions do not exist when choosing everyday color schemes.

The good news is you do not need a controlled color lab to choose your colors because you can tap into your own color sensibilities.  A good color coach will show you how to do it and shine a light on the truth, which is your own color sense matters most.

If you think taupe has a pink hue bias, then so do I and we can move on to making color decisions.

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  1. Paula Doelling-Lynn

    Well said once again, maestro. If you cannot “color hear” exactly what your customer is saying and establish equal color ground, there’s no reason to be consulting and applying your expertise. Color equals light. And, color performance + harmony is always context-based.

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