First Light 2102-70 by Benjamin Moore

First Light 2102-70 by Benjamin Moore

Review of First Light 2102-70 by Benjamin Moore

First Light 2102-70 Color of the Year 2020 belongs to the Red Hue Family. It’s a muted color of pink with a fair amount of colorfulness; you can definitely tell it’s a blushed pink and not beige.

One look at a chip of First Light and you’ll see a blushed pink. The vibe of this color is romantic, whimsical, lighthearted, new, calm, and mellow in the color of a ballet slipper kind of way.

When we look at the color data values, we can see that they also define and describe First Look as a “warm” pink that belongs to the end of the Red Hue Family at 9.52 R, right on the cusp of the Yellow-Red hue family.

Warmest Spot on The Color Wheel

Most interesting is this color lands right around 10 R (Red) which happens to be the “warmest” spot on The Color Strategist Color Wheel.

Complementary colors for First Light would come from the Blue Green (BG) Hue Family. Think warm pink and cool aqua, turquoise, minty greens.

Where to Use First Light

Wondering where to use First Light? Anywhere you want the vibe of a warm, blush pink that isn’t too cloying or sweet. Master bedroom. Perfect for a Nursery. Girl’s room (big or little). Bathroom. En suite. Living Room. Dining Room. Honestly, it would make the perfect backdrop in any room and work with a range of tastes and design styles.

It Doesn’t Have “Blue Undertones”

…. and it’s not “beige” either. Based on visual assessment of paint chips as well as the color data values for First Light, I disagree with online reviews describing First Light as “beige”. 

The other thing I disagree with is describing it as having a “blue undertone”.

If you’re here, that means you’ve been following me for a while and you’ve learned why paint colors don’t have undertones.

It would take the perfect storm of unbalanced lighting conditions for First Light to appear bluish. Possible but unlikely and Benjamin Moore should edit that from their comments about First Light.

Because it doesn’t align with color measurements. The “blue undertones” thing doesn’t even align with the color naming system in First Light’s own fandeck. The Color Preview fandeck. First Light is categorized in the Benjamin Moore Color Preview fandeck under “inorganic colors” as “brown”.

Hue Family First Light 2102-70 by Benjamin Moore

Here’s First Light 2102-70 by Benjamin Moore in context of its Hue Family neighborhood, 10 R (Red), on The Color Strategist Color Wheel. The pink arrows point to where First Light 2102-70 fits in among the other colors according to its Value of 8.81 rounded to 8.88 and Chroma of 1.53 rounded to 1.50.Hue Family First Light 2102-70


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