Coventry Gray HC-169 by Benjamin Moore

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Coventry Gray HC-169 by Benjamin Moore Coventry Gray HC-169 by Benjamin Moore

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Coventry Gray HC-169 Color Review

Coventry Gray belongs to the Green-Yellow hue family.

As far as colorfulness, it’s not.

In other words, it’s very close to a true neutral gray and it has a tiny amount of chroma or colorfulness.

As a result, Coventry Gray is classified as near neutral.

Here’s the thing about near neutrals from the Green-Yellow hue family…

In a balanced quality of light, they are most often perceived as “just gray”, no discernible hue whatsoever.

But since they are so low in chroma, they are very susceptible to shifting in appearance depending on the light source.

Near neutrals from his hue family neighborhood (Green-Yellow) are especially prone to shifting blue.

Which is why some people will insist that Coventry Gray is a “true neutral gray”.

While others claim it has a “blue undertone”.

It doesn’t have a “blue undertone”.

It is not inherently a “gray blue”.

If it does look blue – or even green – it’s because of the light.

Don’t discount it as an option because someone says it has a “blue undertone” or labels it a “blue-gray”.

Neither one of those classifications is accurate.

Coventry Gray is likely to look “just gray” as much as it is likely to look blue or green.

The light is boss and Coventry Gray is one of those chameleon colors.

Definitely need to sample in your space.

Move your color sample in and out of well-lit areas as well as in and out of shadows.

Coventry Gray HC-169 Hue Family

Here’s Coventry Gray HC-169 by Benjamin Moore in context of its Hue Family neighborhood, 8 GY (Green-Yellow), on The Color Strategist Color Wheel. The pink arrows point to where Coventry Gray HC-169 fits in among the other colors according to its Value 7.30 rounded to 7.25 and Chroma of 0.27 rounded to 0.25.

Hue Family Coventry Gray HC-169


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