Cloud Cover OC-25 by Benjamin Moore

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Cloud Cover OC-25 by Benjamin Moore
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Cloud Cover OC-25 Hue Family

In context of its Hue Family neighborhood, 7 Y (Yellow), on The Color Strategist Color Wheel. The pink arrows point to where it fits in among the other colors according to its Value 9.01 rounded to 9.00 and Chroma of 0.46 rounded to 0.05.

Hue Family Cloud Cover OC-25


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20 thoughts on “Cloud Cover OC-25 by Benjamin Moore”

  1. No. There’s not enough difference in Chroma. Would be fine in different rooms but I wouldn’t put them right next to each other.

  2. Why does cloud cover look blue to me? I walk into the room or down the hallway and all I see is blue. Is it the lighting? How do I fix this?

    1. @ Penny Cloud Cover is a low Chroma, near a true neutral color. In other words, it’s not very colorful. Which means it can easily be influenced by inherent light sources and the color of the contents in the space. You can try adjusting the lighting and/or adding a rug. For the new rug color, choose a colorway that’s opposite the current flooring color and see what happens.

      Could end up that Cloud Cover just isn’t the right color for that room and its quality of light.

    1. I would not put Cloud Cover with Simply White trim. Because they’re too close in terms of Chroma.

      As you can see in the Colorography, Cloud Cover has a Chroma of 0.46.

      Simply White has a Chroma of 0.50. See Simply White Colorography here:

      The rule of thumb to follow is there needs to be a difference in Chroma of 0.20 (ish). This is a color strategy that will prevent either white making the other look dingy or dirty.

  3. Hello, your website is really helpful! Can you recommend a color like Cloud cover but a bit more pale? Thank you!

  4. we are debating between cloud cover and white dove by BM for a large great room with 9 to 11 foot ceilings, west facing. Light oak flooring and cabinetry are in the space. Any suggestions between the two (looking to avoid yellow cast).

    1. Hi MM,
      We would need to analyze the space as a whole. The color of the cabinetry, trim and doors is especially important. I recommend you purchase a Color Muse here:

      And then our “Which White” package here:

      We’ll send you instructions on how to use the Color Muse to measure the cabinetry, floor, other important elements. It’s really easy, takes less than a minute and then you just send screen shots from the Color Muse app to us.

      The process is actually quite fun.

      It’s the only way for me to know – from here – what the factual colors are that you have to work with.

  5. Hi Lori — We are painting our old clapboard house exterior BM Amherst Gray and are considering Cloud Cover for the trim. We’d like a soft white that will provide a crisp contrast but not look stark, or dingy, or yellow. (Perfection, in other words.) Would that be Cloud Cover? If not, is there another white you’d recommend? Thank you.

  6. Amherst is a relatively neutral color so you have options for a white/off-white. No worries with Cloud Cover; it harmonizes with Amherst and there’s nothing about the relationship that one is going to make the other look dingy. Cloud Cover also has very low Chroma so discerning too much yellow would be the exception not the rule IMO.

    Try a sample of Manchester Tan with Amherst. Manchester shows up off-white exterior and surprises a lot of people as being a really great “color of white” on exterior trim.

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