A Color Point of View – Got Perspective?

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Let’s discuss Color Point of View in more detail. An explanation of what it means to me might help you embrace it too.

I’m choosy about what facts and ideas (perspectives) shape my Color Point of View (my overall understanding of and relationship with color). I’m choosy and I reserve the right to refine my point of view whenever I feel like it and rework it for a specific purpose if need be. e.g. My graphic design Color Point of View may vary from my point of view on color for the built environment. I have to be choosy and flexible because in order for my Color Point of View (CPOV) to be useful, it has to be well defined and properly focused.

Every opinion, method, theory, practice, element I pick up along the way of my color journey needs to resonate with me before it becomes part of my color perspective. It has to align with my innate sense of logic, color sensibility and intuition. It has to fit. It has to be deeply meaningful to me in order for my CPOV to work… for me… and for my clients…. and for those of you that like to read what I write about color.

Being choosy about what’s worthy and editing aggressively doesn’t mean that my perspective is limited in any way. There are no limits or boundaries. There’s plenty of room for my CPOV to grow and expand as much and broad as I’m willing to grow and expand it.

However, just because I understand it’s boundless doesn’t mean I’m willing to let anything and everything add to my perspective on color. Instead, what’s going to affect my CPOV is only what I deem the absolute best in terms of quality, fit and meaning.

That’s what gives it a unique perspective, that’s what makes it mine – My Color Point of View.

You can do the same. Only let in to your CPOV what makes sense to you and resonates in the best and most meaningful way.

It’s what will make your CPOV work, your perspective unique – Your Color Point of View. And there is always room for fresh color perspectives – especially here at The Land of Color.

The objective here at The LoC is to share what I’ve discovered along the path of the color journey I set out to take over two decades ago. It’s not my goal to dictate anything to anyone. I’m not very good at that any way because of this serious affliction I have called curiosity. When you favor curiosity over needing to be right, curiosity teaches you how to get out of your own way and not stand in the way of anybody else.

So, feel free to adopt any part of my CPOV but only if it resonates in all the right ways. If it doesn’t, then just set it down, leave it on the path and keep moving on with your color journey. Send me a post card or even better a link that highlights your fresh perspectives, your Color Point of View. I’m curious.

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