Color By The Numbers™ Color Hacks You Need to Know

Color by the numbers – the right numbers, the right way.

There is an art AND science to not just paint colors but ALL colors. You all have come to know The Land of Color brand as your go-to experts for color measurements, spectral data, and all the things color data values.

We make choosing paint colors easy. We are the only resource that translates the amazing science of color into a step-by-step system that helps homeowners and designers make color decisions confidently.

I think it has resonated with so many because it is easy – and – I’m always careful to temper our concept of Color By The Numbers™ with one of my favorite quotes from Fred Billmeyer, Jr., chemist, color scientist and author of multiple books.

Anticipation is killing me. I want to share ????? ???! But my team (small team) says we’re not ready.

I’ve worked for decades to bring you a practical, evidence-based approach to color. That’s the foundation of my online color training course, The Four Pillars of Color that I launched in 2016.

A.K.A. – ??? ????????? ??????????? ?? ????????????? ????? ?????????.

Color By The Numbers to Get the Color Design Results You Want

Because I have shared so much over the years on public forums like Houzz, my point of view is sometimes imitated…. without citation or credit.

Is it illegal? You bet. Copyrights are a real thing. One can’t just copy and paste from original authors no matter where it’s been published. Unfortunately, I have had to pursue infringement more than once. Sharing links to cite sources is better than stealing other’s work is the lesson a few have had to learn the hard way.

But as I’ve gotten more experience with this kind of situation, I realized that anyone who resorts to something as desperate as plagiarism, is struggling with some deep issues – it’s sad and I kinda feel sorry for them more than anything.

Sunlight is the antidote for sad and dark. ☀️

So, instead of pulling back, sharing less, putting up more pay walls to protect intellectual property that took years of research, blood, sweat and tears, I’ve decided to share bigger and more openly.

I’m not expecting perfection immediately but as right as possible would be good. And I guess I can wait for that. Stayed tuned.

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  1. This will be revolutionary! Lori, thank you so much for the years of time, money, and effort it’s taken to create this invaluable tool, and for your heart-warming generosity in sharing it. Only a superhero would have persisted in speaking up for color facts despite those who not only cling to color misinformation, they spread it. The Color DNA Table is going to change everything, and it will be fun to watch the excuses and back-pedaling, not to mention the joy and relief from people who’ve been struggling with color, when they go to the Table and easily find answers.

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