{new blog post} This list is the best of the best paint brands. Link in profile. You will find the important details that matter most listed below, price per gallon, price per square foot, and coverage/spread rate. All of them neatly organized from least expensive per square foot to the most expensive per square foot.

Paint Price Comparison 2017

Paint Price Comparison 2017


Demystifying What Hue Family Means

Answers to your questions about hue family.

Color Scheme Inspiration #20 Pratt & Lambert Paint

This Goes with That Color Scheme No. 20

This Goes With That palette. Inviting Coral Rose.

Pantone Color of the Year 2014 – 2000

Infographic. Pantone Colors of the Year 2014 to 2000.

Blue velvet cupcake

The Color of Food Trumps How it Tastes

It is my opinion that blue does not align with our expectations of appetizing.

Favorite Color Purple Personality Map

Purple is My Favorite Color Personality Map

What purple says. Positive and negative connotations.

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Am I seeing this color right?

You can stop second guessing what you think a color looks like.

The Color Strategist Color Wheel is an invaluable color tool that tells you what hue family a color belongs to.

Get the color wheel, plus instructions for how to use it for FREE when you subscribe to The Land of Color.

The Color Strategist Color Wheel by Lori Sawaya