Agreeable Gray SW7029 What Happens When You Cut The Formula 50%

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Agreeable Gray walls and wondering what’s the best ceiling color? The answer is not cutting the original formula. In this vlog you will learn what color you get when you cut the paint color formula for Agreeable Gray SW 7029 by 50%.

(Pssst. It’s not pretty.)

Cutting and doubling paint color formulas is commonly recommended by designers, stagers, decorators and DIY bloggers. You’ll find hundreds of posts about it on decorating forums, Instagram and Pinterest. But here’s what they don’t want you to know — cutting paint color formulas rarely turns out like you would expect!

Sounds like it should work, right? You need a ceiling color and you want the ceiling to be lighter, so it sounds logical that cutting the formula for Agreeable Gray to get a ceiling color to go with it is the easiest solution. Not so fast. Watch the video and find out what you need to know about cutting the formula for Agreeable Gray. Learn what happens when paint color formulas are tweaked.

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6 thoughts on “Agreeable Gray SW7029 What Happens When You Cut The Formula 50%”

  1. This was so informative, thank you. The format made it so simple to follow – especially since I do have an understanding of all the various components. And, you have a pleasant manner to boot.

  2. Hi Lori, great VLOG, so much good info! Question for you, why were the hue families in the 50% Agreeable Gray and the full strength Agreeable gray still close, even though the 50% had so much more blue?

    1. Hi Suzi, brilliant question! The key here is “so much more blue”. Yes, 50% Agreeable Gray is *bluer* emphasis on *er* but just because it’s measurably blu*er* relative to 100% Agreeable Gray, that doesn’t mean it *is* blue.

      Being bluer than 100% Agreeable Gray doesn’t define 50% Agreeable Gray as so blue that it doesn’t belong to the same yellow hue family neighborhood. Hope that helps.

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  4. Years later your post saved me a lot of money. I’m searching for a not white, not yellow light exterior color and thought 50% agreeable gray would work. Big NO! I looked at white heron and it’s too light so back to my search. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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