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Example of a Haint Blue order ready to ship.


You get a 12-inch hand-painted circle sample decal with formula printed on the back. The decal(s) you get are a special color tool I designed named SwatchRight. Learn more and purchase a SwatchRight kit separately here: SwatchRight Paint-Peel-and-Stick color sample decal.

If you go to a paint store for Haint Blue, they will pick one of their light blues and tell you it’s Haint Blue.  It is not!  Read The Legend to learn why my formulas have provenance and a special ‘color expert’ connection. Instead of random guesses from bloggers or your local paint store, these are the Haint Blut colors you’re looking for.

charleston haint blue
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Charleston Haint Blue and Shutter Dark Green. Light, airy, ethereal and maybe even a little mysterious. This is the pale blue you’ll find on porch ceilings across the south, but particularly prominent in Charleston. Purposefully balanced to work with a wide range of exterior color palettes. You can buy both individually or as a set. Formulas are per gallon.

Ohio Haint Blue
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Ohio Haint Blue™ Cultivated directly from the walls of one of the most haunted mansions in Ohio as seen on the TV show Ghost Adventures. Our exclusive formulas were cultivated by examining the colors once visible on the walls at Prospect Place in Dresden, Ohio. Walls which have since been wallpapered and painted over. Formulas are per gallon. 

Savannah Haint Blue
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Savannah Haint Blue™ formulas were derived directly from color chips found in an exclusive, historic Savannah paint colors brochure that was reproduced and authorized in the 1980s. Formulas are per gallon.

La Maison Haint Blue
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La Maison Haint Blue™ these are formulas inspired by hues of indigo that were popular in Southeast Asia in the 19th century. A region rich with history and superstition. Found on walls throughout “The Blue Mansion” in Penang, these awe coaxing blues are complex and mystically transportive. Formulas are per gallon.

Haint Blue – The Story of Discovery

Color me always on the look out for unusual color information and stories.  I found the mystery of Haint Blue particularly fetching and what I learned did not disappoint.  In fact, I was inspired to create seven custom, authentic formulas for Haint Blue. What’s meant by “authentic” is I obtained samples from original sources and custom color matched using Sherwin Williams colorants mixed in Super Paint Exterior bases.

The grand exterior below is the Cheong Fatt Tze “Blue” Mansion.


As a color consultant with a discriminating eye, I’m in a position to examine color specimens. The color samples and formulas offered are a window to my color adventures. Have a peek and enjoy!

The paint color names we use are trademarks of Color Strategies, LLC – since 2006. To save you some time and grief, you need to know:



Haint Blue is a mesmerizing and fascinating color — a color seen on doors, shutters, entire buildings and most commonly on porch ceilings all over the world.  After learning this color and its mystic qualities were so far-reaching, I decided to explore in depth the legend of Haint Blue.

What is a “Haint”?
Haints are restless spirits of the dead who have not moved on from the physical world. They exist as non-physical in the space between our dimension and what is beyond. This type of spirit is not the uber friendly sort and you don’t want them hanging around.

What exactly IS Haint Blue?
I learned Haint Blue is a spiritual and cultural based color especially in the southern United States. Back in the day, Haint Blue was mixed as milk paint formulas using lime and whatever local pigments were available. The color was mixed in pits dug on the properties where the painters were working. Hand-crafted Haint Blue translates into a range of colors, not any one specific color.

Mysterious Haint Blue

Time has a way of keeping color records and historic structures are the archives.


The color Haint Blue is open to certain creative liberties, but that doesn’t mean the options to interpret Haint Blue are limitless. There is some — but not a lot — of gray area when it comes to Haint Blues.

Time has a way of keeping color records and historic structures are the archives.

Original Haint Blues were created the way all paints and colors were created pre industrialized paint; raw ingredients in the hands of skilled craftspeople. In addition to respecting Haint Blue’s spiritual significance, the craftsmanship required to mix it deserves proper acknowledgement as well.

It is the combination of craftsmanship and faith in the power of color that is able to reach through the spiral of time and speak from historic buildings. That magical partnership has granted us the privilege to appreciate and live the hues that are Haint Blues.

What does Haint Blue do?
Haint Blue is meant to look like water and keep the Haints out of your house making you safe from their influence. Speculation has it that the tints, tones, and shades from the blue-green to blue-violet part of the visible spectrum trick Haints. Haints can not cross water. Using Haint Blue on doors, shutters, window trim, ceilings, the whole darn structure, can fool Haints and discourage them from “crossing” into your house.

It is believed Haint Blue can fake-out insects and birds too. The story is Haint Blue looks like endless sky to the little critters and deters them from making themselves at home on your exterior. The key ingredient of lime in the milk paint formulas is what likely deterred the insects and birds, not the color itself. Modern paint formulas do not contain lime. So, I’m not convinced painting your porch ceiling blue is going to help shoo the bugs and birds — but who’s to say for sure. I do know Haint Blue is an attractive addition to most any exterior color scheme.

Ohio Haint Blue Light
Ohio Haint Blue Light – Photo Lori Sawaya

What’s the story behind Haint Blue?  Wanting to see an example of Haint Blue in person, I started searching the world wide web. My research lead me to an 1856 Italianate in Dresden, OH called Prospect Place. I had no idea it was one of the most haunted mansions in Ohio until I got there. Yes, it was an adventure!

Prospect_Place Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

The point of my visit to Prospect Place was to see walls painted Haint Blue. I was not disappointed. Prospect Place was a station on the Underground Railroad. George W. Adams, the builder of Prospect Place, was a staunch abolitionist and his servants of African origin were employees not slaves. They had quarters in the house and they painted many of their rooms a color deeply rooted in their culture. The color was Haint Blue and the purpose of my trek to Prospect Place.

Haint Blue is significant because of its power to ward off and deter spirits, particularly evil spirits. Especially interesting is that several rooms at Prospect Place have the original Haint Blue milk paint applied when the house was built in 1856. If you recall, I mentioned Prospect Place is considered one of the most haunted mansions in Ohio. Put two and two together, and one has to wonder why the servants chose to paint their private rooms Haint Blue. My guess is it had little to do with the colorway of their bedding.

Haint Blue Ghosts
Most Haunted Masnsion in Ohio, Prospect Place, source www.graveaddiction.com

I managed to get a sample from the walls thanks to George J. Adams, great-great grandson of George W. Adams. (See the picture above courtesy of www.graveaddiction.com.) The patina on these old walls was incredible. The spectrum of blues and blue-greens was stunning. You don’t see color like this in a modern day fandeck. I chose the most complex samples to duplicate and used all the color mixing know-how and best paint connections I have to keep these colors safe from time.

Savannah Haint Blue Light and Dark were used on this porch:

Savannah Haint Blue

This is Charleston Haint Blue from The Land of Color store. It’s a pretty, pale blue with the perfect punch of colorfulness:

Charleston-Haint-Blue-paint color formula

The is Ohio Haint Blue Light on the ceiling of my veranda in El Paso. It was my favorite part of the entire home!

Charleston-Haint-Blue-paint color formula


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