My Favorite Color is Blue Meaning

My Favorite Color is Blue Meaning

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If your favorite color is blue, you value your close-knit group of friends and family. As far as friendships go, you are loyal – perhaps to a fault. Recognizing and putting the needs of others first works for you because you find being of service fulfilling. However, that does not mean you will allow being taken advantage of or for granted. If tested, you will stand your ground with grace and composure.

You have a keen sense of fair play and like being in charge of keeping order. Sometimes you wish someone else would be the scorekeeper but because of your reputation for being trustworthy and good with details, you usually end up with the job.

With an uncanny ability to recall names and tidbits of info about others, you endear yourself quickly. People remember you for being warm, friendly, and engaging. Blue Meaning

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