My Favorite Color is Aqua Meaning

My Favorite Color is Aqua Meaning

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The color aqua soothes your soul and creates an instant sense of home and belonging for you. You are highly creative and likely discovered at a young age that you are gifted with many talents. Multiple talents are both a blessing and a curse because at times you may have difficulty choosing which one to focus on or pursue.

You have an eye for design and whether artistic endeavors, home decor, or fashion your innovative style and good taste shines in everything you touch.

People gravitate toward your warm and confident demeanor paving the way for you as a natural leader and communicator. You present a pulled-together vibe that attracts attention in all the right ways. Perceptive, intuitive, and sensitive you are a good judge of character and can quickly size-up any situation.

My Favorite Color is Aqua Meaning

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