Infographic vs. Colorgraphic

The definition of infographic is it organizes and illustrates complex information and concepts into simplified visual synopsis.

I call the visuals I make to illustrate a color’s hue, value, chroma and LRV colorgraphy.

Colorography vs. Infographic

There are no set rules to qualify an infographic or for what makes a “good” one.  Lengthy, short, whatever is fine.  What matters most is the image cogently postulates, contains accurate data and the format used, like a Venn Diagram, is aesthetically interesting and used effectively.

A Venn diagram is “a diagram that uses circles to represent sets, in which the relations between the sets are indicated by the arrangement of the circles”.  In other words, the spots where the circles overlap should be filled in with something that directly relates back to the bigger circles.  The center is the subject or most important part.   The idea is to make the diagram a threaded stream of thought.

This is one of my favorites.  It’s a simple idea shared simply. Today, with you.

The Universe Venn
“The Universe and Forever”

2 thoughts on “Infographic vs. Colorgraphic”

  1. It’s amazing how these graphs stay with me. I’m starting to mix colours in my mind, like mixing paint, when selecting fabrics. I had a brown fabric and an off-white fabric and if I were to put a smidgen of brown paint into some white paint I would get very light brown (tint) another fabric selection.

  2. Excellent, Mary! Complex color schemes and combinations are the result of creative interpretation. The only limits are your imagination; so why not imagine color and be as creative as you want.

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