I consulted virtually with Paula Doelling-Lynn on this project for the Jenks family in Indiana. The house was built in 1985 and it’s approximately 3,700 sq. feet.  Can you believe this amazing backyard?  All the decking will be refreshed with new color too.

Walkway to water

Original view of the front of the house.  Spectacular tree line makes for the perfect, nestled and homey setting.

Original Photo

I hopped on a conference call with Paula and Joy so we could do a virtual color consultation and work out the color details for some virtual views.  Before I could add color and send the virtuals via email, I had to prep the original photo first.  Streamlined photos make for the best virtuals.

Ready for Virtual Design

First idea was a palette using a dark value olive green and amped up contrast with deep plum-red shutters – a significant shift from the existing light, neutral grays.

Randolph Olive

Since Carl’s preference and tolerances were geared toward a lighter palette we tried on a slightly lighter and warmer green and lesser contrast overall.

Less contrast - Zinc

For comparison and as an alternative view moving even lighter in value, Paula suggested I virtually paint a lovely Sesame color on the body and pop in some interest with soft green shutters.

Lighter Sesame

The power of virtual color is undeniable.  It’s an amazing color tool.  Here’s a tip for making those color visualizer and paint programs a bit easier to manage:  Use the zoom tool.   Zoom is your friend.

The Jenks’ project will be completed soon.  We’ll post a follow up so you can see their final exterior color choices! (click here to see the before & after)

Note: Color varies monitor to monitor because color is device dependent. You should always get chips and test color.