Dark Royal Blue 2065-20 by Benjamin Moore

Paint Blob Dark-Royal-blue-2065-20
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Dark Royal Blue 2065-20
Paint Color DNA Table Preview 2024

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Hue Family Dark Royal Blue 2065-20

Here’s Dark Royal Blue 2065-20 by Benjamin Moore in context of its Hue Family neighborhood, 5 PB (Purple-Blue), on The Color Strategist Color Wheel. The pink arrows point to where Dark Royal Blue 2065-20 fits in among the other colors according to its Value of 3.55 rounded to 3.50 and Chroma of 7.64 rounded to 7.50.

Hue Family Dark Royal Blue 2065-20

PICTURES OF Dark Royal Blue 2065-20

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2 thoughts on “Dark Royal Blue 2065-20 by Benjamin Moore”

  1. Hi there, I have a question, and I apologize of you have already answered it somewhere in your posts. Is the chroma measurement for a color included on the color strategist wheel? And if not, why not? Again, I am new to your work, so I am probably missing something. Thanks so much; I think your work is amazing and so informative.

  2. Hi Victorypaint,

    Great question.

    The only place to find Chroma values for paint colors is The Paint Color DNA Table. Right here at The LoC https://thelandofcolor.com/color-dna-table/

    It’s actually more accurate to call it a hue circle or hue wheel.

    Note that Hue, Value and Chroma are independent dimensions of color.

    The Color Strategist Color Wheel is a 2 dimensional map of the hue families that make up the 3 dimensional Munsell color space and by default the CIELAB (LCh) color space.

    By default because Munsell was the template for CIELAB.

    It’s the additional information of Value and Chroma that tells you precisely WHERE to find a particular color in its hue family.

    Similar to a map of the globe – it’s also 2 dimensional and helps you navigate earth but you need longitude and latitude to pin point a specific location.

    Each dimension of color can be illustrated using a scale.

    Hue is uniquely an interval scale with no defined point of zero.

    So you can slice and dice hue families in different ways.

    Which explains different color wheel and spectral scale designs.

    For example, around 360 degrees (a wheel) or a line (like the visible spectrum).

    If you’d like to learn more, I’d love to welcome you in to The Four Pillars of Color course. The videos are about 20 minutes each and chockfull of visuals. I also provide transcripts so you can print and read along if you’d like. https://campchroma.com

    ROI for the price of the course happens fast – approximately 2 to 3 clients.

    I also LIVE stream on Instagram. We talk about all things color science and how to leverage it to streamline and optimize a color design workflow making it more efficient and profitable. https://www.instagram.com/thelandofcolor/

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