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The Great Wheel of Life Poster - Color Wheel



This one of the most unique color wheels I’ve ever come across. I purchased this poster of The Great Wheel of Life for myself and decided it’s so fabulous I have to share. What better way to share than to give one away! So, my very first blog giveaway was born. I’ve never done this before. I’m using Rafflecopter to choose the lucky winner.


You’re probably tired of hearing me say this but color truly is about relationships and this color wheel demonstrates several.  The 18 x 24 inch poster comes with a guide that explains how to read and use the color wheel.  It says:


the cycles of colors • the meanings of colors • the cycles of the day

the cycles of the seasons • the solstices and equinoxes • our totems

our astrological signs • our chakra energy centers • the four elements

The Great Wheel of Life from
The Great Wheel of Life from

All you have to do is leave a comment about your favorite season and its seasonal colors that captivate you.  Follow the directions in the Rafflecopter box below.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


 18 x 24 inch poster – The Great Wheel of Life: Heavy duty laminated poster depicting the interrelationships of the many cycles of your life – find your natural birthstone, the colors of your birth and the crystals that govern your current age, the astrological sign governing your stars, your spirit totem and more… All in one integrated, completely researched Wheel of Life. Not available anywhere else. Exclusive to the Crystal Vaults. Now know which colors of crystals you need and when to use them. It comes complete with a six section illustrated fold out guide, packed in a mailing tube to arrive in perfect condition.


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  1. I can’t seem to leave a comment where I am supposed to. Fall is my favorite season. and I love it when I see a mountain covered in leaves so intense, it reminds me of hot lava.

  2. I love the fall colors. My home is a multitude of mustard seed, wheat, cognac, with a touch of ashen green. Love the poster!

  3. Best wheel I’ve ever seen – great for framing too.

    The two seasons I’m drawn to the most are Winter Solstice and Summer Solstice. My living room is predominately olive (yellow-green) with a touch of violet and it’s the one room in my home that makes me happiest.

  4. Cathi Duff Clark

    I always seem to be drawn to shades of purple wherever I go, but interestingly enough I never use those hues in my home decor. I also love nature’s shades of fall but they rarely show up in my decorating choices as well. I wonder why this is?

  5. lynne whiteside

    balance and trust colors are my favorite, the Vernal Equinox. Turquoise, for me, in all it’s varieties brings a feeling of clarity and focus to my life, when I feel balanced I know good things will transpire because I am awake. the Indigo is a deeply meditative color for me, surrounded by this color I’m inclined to feel more relaxed, my intuition can come thru and I learn to trust my feelings as they are usually guiding me in the right direction.

  6. I love spring since my flowers start coming up and are all sorts of gorgeous colors. Daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips all over the place! I prefer sort, mostly cool colors. You won’t find those acid yellow or bright red tulips in my garden!!!

  7. This is fascinating! I just love this poster. I am attracted to the colors of Winter and Winter Solstice on this chart….. Deep Violet, Passionate Plum and Hot Pink! Even the descriptive words speak to me: Wisdom, Intuition, Creativity. I’m going through big changes in my life right now and can feel many things evolving into a more positive outcome for the future, which is where the wisdom and intuition come into play. I need to appreciate my abilities more, and I’ve put my creativity on the back burner and now I’m bringing it back. What a difference it will make. Thank you for sharing this! Blessings ~

  8. Blue Moon Interiors

    FALL. Fall is when I feel the free-est, is also when I got married to my wonderful husband of almost 15 years. I also infuse my home with Fall colors and smells. However, I have named my business after Blue, which is a part of the Vernal equinox…interesting.

  9. Spring is the best season of the year for me, there is a special smell in the air a feeling that gives you butterflies in your stomach, you feel something new is going to happen but you don’t know what it is. It is exciting and fresh like going on a first date, clean, new, full of hope — remember those days. The color of the grass and the budding flowers are so vibrant. The sound of lawnmowers, and the smell of the mulch make you feel so alive. I realize this may sound silly but that is how spring feels to me.

  10. All time favorite day of the year: the first day you can see the new leaves on the trees poking through the sunlight! I call it “new green” … Behr calls it “Herbal Delight” 🙂

  11. Summer. Love the ocean and all shades of blues and greens. The quietness a hot summer day brings and a relaxing ocean breeze.

  12. I like purple
    and turquoise but here is so difficult to pick one area, colour or season. I
    spent a while reading, combining but I really can’t pick one and leave others
    behind. They are beautiful together. Great food for thoughts!

  13. Wonderful comments so far! Thank you all for sharing your favorite season and its seasonal color. It’s a joy to read how color bringes each of you joy!

    Looking forward to more comments, more sharing, more entries!

  14. Hello absolutely love this wheel! I love Spring new birth and fresh starts. Each day in my garden brings a happy surprise. However I love the Amethyst pie in Winter. Truly my favorite. As an artist I feel that the descriptions also fit me well. When I looked at the wheel visually my eyes went straight to the amethyst pie. Thank you for sharing this.

  15. Autumn. Brilliant golds and rusts illuminated with the sunlight that’s becoming lower and lower on the horizon. Greens going into reds and oranges and purples. It all makes for such a rich tapestry.

  16. Great post, great comments!
    Is it ok to ask where we could purchase one? (I found the blog too late to enter for the giveaway) 🙂

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