Ben Moore Affinity and Off-White Color Notations

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Search thousands of the most popular paint colors. Brands featured are mostly Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams with a few colors from other brands.

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5 thoughts on “Ben Moore Affinity and Off-White Color Notations”

  1. Hi, just wondering. Is the hue listed above in the 3rd column also called a hue angle or is hue angle something different?

    1. Hi Cathy,

      Excellent question. Go download this color wheel and come back and read the rest of this reply. I teach my Camp Chroma students to use the Munsell Color System and the CIE LCh color space.

      Keep this in mind while reading, I made this color wheel by blending a Munsell Hue Family Color Wheel with a CIE LCh° color space color wheel.

      The hue listed above in the 3rd column is in a Munsell color notation, hue, value, chroma. Munsell doesn’t designate hue family in terms of degrees. There are ten hue families and ten sections within each of those hue families. For example, the red hue family is labeled 1R, 2R, 3R, 4R, 5R, 6R, 7R, 8R, 9R, 10R

      However, despite the chosen labeling, it’s still a wheel – a 360° circle so by mathematical default it is technically correct to call each of those ticks within each hue family a degree.

      When we calculate a Munsell Notation for a color we are essentially answering the following questions, “if my target color were an original color in the Munsell Color System, what hue family would it belong to and where among the existing Munsell swatches would it belong?”

      The CIE LCh° color space color wheel is indeed in a degrees format. L = Lightness, C = Chroma, h° = hue angle. Much like Munsell notations, a CIE LCh color value tells us where within the CIE LCh color space a color would fit and it plots colors into its color space using degrees.

      So, that’s the difference between just hue and hue angle – it all depends on what color space you are plotting your target color in to.

      Any questions, let me know.

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