1960’s Ranch Style Exterior Color Scheme


The take-away is just because a home’s exterior involves different materials, that doesn’t mean a different color is necessary for each.

Using the same color will unify the exterior and at the same time let each surface’s character shine. The objective is a cohesive color plan.  Without multiple colors chopping up the structure, it’s possible you’ll think your house looks bigger.

This homeowner doesn’t like the existing brick color.  There are many products to choose from to stain brick if you don’t want to paint.  With proper preparation, you can stain or paint brick and it will last a very long time.  In the “After” virtual I chose a warm sandstone gray brick stain (not paint and not a huge dramatic change).   The front door is navy blue.  Here’s the color palette deconstructed:


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3 thoughts on “1960’s Ranch Style Exterior Color Scheme”

  1. Steps to achieve this.
    1) close the front door
    2) Lighten the picture levels
    3) cut down large tree providing a canopy
    4) Photoshop in some nice bushes and flowers
    5) Remove pink hue to only part of the house that can be painted

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