My Favorite Color is Yellow Meaning

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If you favor yellow, one of your most appealing traits is your consistently sunny and fun disposition. Your optimism is resolute and infectious even in the most trying circumstance. Ignorance is bliss and you simply refuse to see the glass as half empty; from your perspective it is always half full.

You have a reputation of leaping before you look. Sometimes the impulsiveness pays off because while others are stalled by indecisiveness, your spontaneity and willingness to take action positions you several steps ahead of the competition.

Your positive nature should not be misconstrued for extreme extraversion, as you prefer tight-knit social circles to extended networks. Those who know you best describe you as happy, imaginative, and highly intellectual.y Favorite Color is Yellow Meaning Personality

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Am I seeing this color right?

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The Color Strategist Color Wheel by Lori Sawaya