Color Theory


Disrupting What You Think You Know About Warm and Cool Colors

Do you struggle trying to decide if a color is warm or cool? The struggle ends here with this blog post.

How do you quantify color

How is it Possible to Quantify How We See Color?

We can reduce a very complex and many-dimensional human visual experience down to three numbers called XYZ trichromacy values.

What is greige?

Definition of Greige

Figuring out what “greige” is supposed to look like is a pain point for many. In this blog post I sort out the true usefulness of words like greige, taupe, beige, and khaki.

Camp Chroma Color Training

Bringing a Fresh Perspective to Color Undertone

I do not subscribe to methodologies involving color undertones because they are subjective aspects of color, not measurable attributes. ~funcolors

All Greens Go Together

All Greens Go Together is a Provocative Color Theory

What does all greens go together really mean?

About Tweaking Paint Color Formulas

All About Tweaking Paint Color Formulas

Tweaking Paint Color Formulas. How many of these have you tried?

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Am I seeing this color right?

You can stop second guessing what you think a color looks like.

The Color Strategist Color Wheel is an invaluable color tool that tells you what hue family a color belongs to.

Get the color wheel, plus instructions for how to use it for FREE when you subscribe to The Land of Color.

The Color Strategist Color Wheel by Lori Sawaya