Social Media for Paint & Color Professionals II

Chances are you are your own CMO, Chief Marketing Officer. To help you further understand how participating in social media can help expand your online presence and grow your business, I’m posting a super nifty chart.

Once you’re set up, it’s a matter of dedicating 15 to 30 minutes max per day. You may find you enjoy it!


Social Media for Paint & Color Professionals

I take social media seriously. I believe in it. I have decorating forums and message boards to thank for a very interesting and fabulously flourishing tribe. I appreciate every single person who has ever followed “funcolors” and continues to do so here on the blog, Color Budz.

Stats and quantifying your presence are important things to think about if you’re just now breaking into using social media to build a network.

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Natural Light and Paint Color – What You Need To Know

Color Bud, Lynne Whiteside, left this comment on a previous post:

“Please point me in the direction of affects of natural light on wall color. North, South, East, and West all have their own reflective color and I need more information. Thanks a million.”

Here’s my answer. The popular cut-n-paste on the web goes something like this:
North = Blue,
South = Yellow,
East = Green,
West = Orange

Lots of comments on this one – comments are longer than the actual post!

MAGNAVERDES Raspberry Painted Sofa

Can You Paint a Sofa?

Painting upholstery with regular gallons of waterborne paints has been done expertly by several of my fellow decorating forum members. MAGNAVERDE (who in real life is an interior designer and has a real name) is the pioneer of painting upholstery.

Instructions for this raspberry painted sofa is just one of many talents that has made MAGNAVERDE online legend. Copy of instructions at end of this post.

F&B kid

Farrow and Ball Absurd Paint Color Names

Ever wonder who comes up with paint color names? Some of them are completely absurd and provide no clues whatsoever as to what the color actually looks like. Farrow & Ball gets a critique.

bunny lamp on black

ColorPodz 4 – White Paint Colors and Dim Spaces

Just because you have a dimly lit room, you are not sentenced to exclusively living with white or off white paint colors. We discuss how you can celebrate the light you have to work with and turn it into a positive aspect of the room — you don’t have to play it safe!

The Handy Guys Podcasts

Choosing Paint Colors with The Handyguys

Handyguys, Brian and Paul, recently invited me on their show to talk about paint and color. The Handyguys TOTALLY have this podcast gig figured out — so smooth and professional. They really know their stuff when it comes to home improvement and being DIY handy too.


What is Luminosity?

Luminosity of a color is about how LIGHT or DARK it literally is; how much light it keeps and how much it is able to emit or bounce back into the room.


Color Inspiration Peanut Butter Slices

Color inspiration! The PB slices could almost pass for paint chips. On behalf of paint store staff everywhere, allow me to list some of my favorite “peanut” inspired paint colors so you can leave your PB slices at home.