Paint Color DNA Table Subscription


The ultimate color hack from

The Lazy Color Expert™

Color clarity starts now.


  • Search, sort, and compare paint colors from major brands using these independent filters:
  • Brand
  • LRV
  • Munsell Hue/Value/Chroma
  • CIELAB LCh (Lightness, Chroma, Hue Angle)

EMPOWERED – No more guessing games

CONFIDENT – No more visual gymnastics comparing colors waiting for “undertones” to appear out of nowhere

COLOR MADE EASY – Get hue family / Value / Chroma + LRV for colors from major paint brands

TUTORIALS – Look for the ? Info Bubbles

SAMPLES – One click takes you DIRECTLY to the color sample. Either Samplize or the brand website

Patent Pending Paint Color DNA table design, functions, and notations (hue family, value, chroma + LRV) are proprietary property of Color Strategies, LLC. Duplicating the table in concept or in part is strictly prohibited. Data provided as reasonably informative with no warranty, liability or guarantee.

Finally, an EASY way to understand color characteristics and appearance. The notations inside the Table spell out a color’s attributes FOR YOU.

Did you know no one who claims to be able to see undertones can tell you WHY a color has an undertone?

Because undertones aren’t a fact of color – or anything else. Undertones are just someone’s subjective opinion of what a color looks like to them under some random light source in whatever random context there happens to be.

With undertones, everyone is right. Because everyone perceives color differently and is entitled to their opinion. Which is why opinions about what undertones paint colors allegedly have are confusing, chaotic and all over the place.

While paint brands ping-pong about in the safe banality of undertones gleefully sending gallons out store doors, their customers struggle to find the right colors in the hellscape of intangibility that is “undertones”.

All that ends right here.

Tutorial Included


  • No more visual gymnastics
  • No more shuffling chips
  • Stop spending $ on paint color samples that aren’t even close to what you want.

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About Your Subscription:

  • You have control.
  • Term 30 day increments
  • Pause and Restore from your Customer Dashboard
  • Email with questions or issues. Everything is figureoutable!
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