Paint Color DNA Table Subscription

Easily understand color – STOP the visual gymnastics trying to see undertones.

Get Color Right – STOP wasting money on color samples.

Patent Pending Paint Color DNA table design, functions, and notations (hue family, value, chroma + LRV) are proprietary property of Color Strategies, LLC. Duplicating the table in concept or in part is strictly prohibited. Data provided as reasonably informative with no warranty, liability or guarantee.

The ONLY resource where you can search, sort, and compare paint colors from major brands by independent filters for:

  • Brand
  • LRV
  • Munsell Hue/Value/Chroma
  • CIELAB LCh (Lightness, Chroma, Hue Angle)

These notations spell out a color’s attributes FOR YOU.

Finally, an EASY way to understand color characteristics and appearance.

Tutorial Included


  • No more visual gymnastics
  • No more shuffling chips
  • Stop spending $ on paint color samples that aren’t even close to what you want.

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