Color by YOUR Numbers™ Kit
Color by YOUR Numbers™ Kit Product description

Unlock the perfect hues for you with the Color by YOUR Numbers Kit! This all-in-one bundle includes the NIX Mini 3 Color Sensor, a lanyard, charging cable, Color Strategist Color Wheel, mini canvas tote, and a handy Post-it notepad. Harness the power of cutting-edge color science and technology to discover your ideal palette effortlessly. Transform your color journey today!

What the Color By YOUR Numbers Kit includes: 

  • NIX Mini 3 Color Sensor
    - Lanyard
    - Charging Cable

  • Color Strategist Color Wheel 5"

  • Mini Canvas Tote for NIX

  • Post-it Notepad

  • 1-Month Trial of the COLYR App

  • 1-Month Trial of the Paint DNA Color Table App

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