Traditional Chesterfield Sofa in Aegean a Peacock Blue Color

Serena & Lily Chatham Sofa Aegean

What Color Is this Sofa from Serena & Lily?

This is a rendering of the Chatham Sofa from Serena & Lily in the color Aegean. The fabric is a brushed 100% cotton canvas.

Chatham Sofa Serena & Lily Aegean

Looks VERY Similar to Twilight 2058-10 from Benjamin Moore

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Paint Blob Twilight-2058-10

Twilight belongs to the Blue hue family.

Some people might describe this color as a warm, blue-green, Peacock Blue. It’s more blue than green.

To help you understand Twilight’s color characteristics, here’s a Colorography for Twilight 2058-10 that illustrates all its important color attributes.

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