Repose Gray SW 7015 by Sherwin Williams

Repose Gray SW 7015 by Sherwin Williams Paint Blob Repose Gray SW 7015 by Sherwin Williams

Repose Gray SW 7015 Hue Family

Here’s Repose Gray SW 7015 by Sherwin-Williams in context of its Hue Family neighborhood, 3 Y, on The Color Strategist Color Wheel. The pink arrows point to where Repose Gray SW 7015 fits in among the other colors according to its Value 8.03 rounded to 8.00 and Chroma of 0.59 rounded to 0.50.Hue Family Repose Gray SW 7015

Repose Gray SW 7015 Color Review

Feel free to swipe and use the images: paint blob / paint can lid and the Colorography.

Repose Gray SW 7015 by Sherwin-Williams belongs to the yellow hue family over near the yellow-red hue family, as you can see on The Color Strategist Color Wheel above.

Colors from this YR to Y hue family neighborhood notoriously shift purple in certain qualities of light. (see infographic below)

Gray Can Shift Purple Neighborhood small

Some people describe it as violet-gray, lavender, maybe even a pale plum-brown.

In a balanced quality of light Repose Gray SW 7015 is going to look like a near neutral warm gray, it could possibly have moments of peachy-pinkish overtones.

You will find many who have used Repose Gray SW 7015 and insist that it has “no undertones” it’s just a “gray”. While others will report that it looks full on purple.

That’s because of its hue family and because it’s a low chroma color. How -or if- it shifts or shows moments of overtones is determined by the light.

The light is boss.

Paint a sample board so you can move the color around the room. I recommend Swatch Right Paint-Peel-and-Stick Color Sample Decals.

Don’t choose the best lit wall in the whole room and test it in that one spot directly on the wall, you have to move this one in and out of the shadows.


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