Historic Charleston Haint Blue and Shutter Green



NOTE: We do not ship paint. We only sell hand-painted samples.

You get 2 (one of each color) 12″ hand-painted Swatch Right peel-and-stick color sample decal with formula on the back.



You get 2 BIG SAMPLE DECALS in the set (one of each color)!

12″ hand-painted Swatch Rich peel-and-stick color sample decal of each color with formula printed on the back – $16.49 each + shipping.

Exclusive Color Formulas mixed in Sherwin Williams’ Super Paint, Exterior Satin (can be mixed interior, no problem).

If you go to a paint store for Haint Blue, they will pick one of their light blues and tell you it’s Haint Blue. It’s not. Read The Legend to learn why my formulas are what you’re looking for.

Charleston Haint Blue. Light, airy, ethereal and maybe even a little mysterious. This is the pale blue you’ll find on porch ceilings across the south, but particularly prominent in Charleston. Purposefully balanced to work with a wide range of exterior color palettes.

This is the classic, dark, Charleston green you see on shutters, doors and sometimes even exterior trim across the south but particularly in Charleston, South Carolina. It’s so dark it looks black. It’s only when the light hits it at certain angles do you see the complex green overtones of this exterior color.


NOTE: We do not ship paint. We only sell hand-painted samples.

Charleston Haint Blue Charleston Shutter Green


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