you have to do

While many in the color and design social spheres are focusing on the new Nate Berkus show, I’m all a twitter about Seth Godin’s two most recent blog posts; one of which is a new book recommendation.

The Nate show (while I’m sure is cute and entertaining because he is cute and entertaining) doesn’t have huge potential to give you a return on your investment of time and attention. Like, exactly what do you think watching Nate’s show will *do* for you? Frankly, I’m confused by blogosphere’s fuss over Nate but much of what is popular in blogosphere confuses me. . . so, go figure. For instance, I think blog posts that are a snidge longer than 300 words and pictureless are appropriate. (gasp!)

Back to Nate’s show. Comparatively, the book Seth is recommending is called, The Mesh by Lisa Gansky. He goes on to say the book “outlines how sharing resources and information creates an entirely new class of commerce”.

I’ll wrap up with a cut-n-paste of that other blog post from Mr. Godin I was talking about. If his blog isn’t among your favorites, I’d like to suggest you add it to the list.

“I need you to see things my way”

And that’s the frustration of the marketer or the artist who hasn’t figured out how to navigate critics and the marketplace.

If you need the validation and acceptance and patronage of everyone you meet, you’ll get stuck, and soon. Everyone isn’t going to get it. Everyone isn’t even going to get you, never mind what you sell.

Experienced marketers and artists and those that make change understand that the new is not for everyone. In fact, it’s not even for most people. Pass them by. They can catch up later.

It’s not a referendum, and you don’t need a unanimous vote of acclamation. No, you merely need enough to stay in business, to keep moving, to make a dent. And then your idea can spread.

If the kids in the back of the bus/audience/store don’t get it (or don’t get you) it’s their loss. Focus on those that want to celebrate the work you do instead.