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PLEASE HELP: Need t...
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PLEASE HELP: Need to know which white to use!

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Hi Lori (and others),
I'm about to move into a house, and I'm going to transform the living room into a recording studio control room (with a desk, a big flatscreen as a computer monitor, and a pair of speakers).
I've attached a photo of the room. I've drawn a rectangle indicating where I'm going to build a BLACK fabric wall. The wall will be constructed by 2x4's just like a regular sheetrock wall, and it will go all the way from left to right (and floor to ceiling) as indicated by the rectangle. But it will have fabric on it rather than drywall (this has to do with proper acoustic treatment).
My WHITE desk will sit up against that BLACK fabric wall, and my intention is to paint the remaining walls white. My speakers -- which will sit on the desk -- are BLACK. I will also have a digital piano in the room that is BLACK AND WHITE.
As you can see, there is a window to the left as well as a fireplace. Without going into needless detail, both those will be covered.
I'll also have a large rug in the middle of the floor (I'm not yet sure of the color).
I'm planning to paint the ceiling and the walls with the same WHITE color (but flat for the ceiling and eggshell for the walls).
I'm going to paint the trim either glossy BLACK or the same color as the walls. Also, I'll probably replace the trim in the photo with something chunkier.
My great hope with this room is to make it a stunning, high-contrast modern experience. I want it to feel crisp and exciting (as opposed to warm and cozy). I want it to have energy and feel invigorating. In addition to the monochrome look, I'll be accenting with splashes of color that will be from the color family of my attached photo of roses (I won't necessarily be putting flowers in the room, but those are the sorts of colors I'll be sparingly accenting with, and maybe just one or two of those colors).
I'm going for modern and minimalist. And I like the idea of bold (hence, glossy black trim).
Due to me covering the window, there will be no natural light in the room. But as you can maybe tell from the photo, the room has really great lighting. The thing that drew me to the house was this room for its purpose, and the fact that the lighting made it feel like an art gallery.
Given all this, what white paint would you recommend?
I'm currently looking at Chantilly Lace and Super White. I don't mind spending more time on more coats if it will give me the best result. But I'm also open to anything else if Chantilly Lace or Super White would be blinding or otherwise undesirable. I've read online in some places that you shouldn't do bright white in a room with no natural light, but I believe this room is far better lighted than most.
What do you think will give me the most striking look? I want people to walk into the room and say, "Holy smokes!" because it looks so unexpectedly cool (no pun intended).
To sum up my question succinctly: What white paint will be best for the most striking modern look and given my lighting situation?



Thank you so much for your help.
P.S. Since my description is kind of complicated, I've put descriptive colors of room elements in caps so you can more easily go back and find those, once you read my question.

Lori Sawaya
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I'd consider Classic Gray for the walls and choose a white for the trim - like Super White.

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