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[Solved] Interior whites: BM White Dove vs. Cloud White

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Melissa Hoffs
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I realize this subject is more designer-y and less about color theory, and hope it's okay for this forum.

After researching and trying out about 20 whites over two months for my home's interior walls and trim, I've somehow ended up with two of the three most popular BM whites, and now I'm stuck between them. I like both colors but am worried about White Dove looking dark/dingy and also concerned that Cloud White could look too yellow. It's a 1905 house in Los Angeles with eclectic furnishings, mostly modern, and a lot of windows (with greenery outside) and art (contemporary and not), and good-sized rooms. The living room is North-facing (large windows) with both east and west facing smaller windows. We want it to look bright and clean (we're not great cleaners) but not also nod to the fact that it's an old house. Floors are honey oak, furniture is wood-framed. I'm going nuts (as is my family) and we would really appreciate any advice from anyone with experience using these two colors. 

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Hi - BM Cloud White + BM White Dove are both from the same Hue Family neighbourhood.

They have almost the same quantities of Chroma (colourfulness). 

Cloud White is a touch lighter (higher Value).

White Dove also sits a little closer to the Yellow-Red Hue Family & so has the potential to read that bit warmer than the others.

Choosing whites which are a bit more colourful is helpful in more dimly lit situations, as is going lighter.

Mountain Peak White sits furthest away from the Yellow-Red Hue Family and so may read the cooler of the three whites.

It is also lightest (highest Value) and the most colourful (higher Chroma).

A1F7B191 2C5F 4353 8557 947FF71AC030
1F1D4D8A 974B 4311 8CF0 A22372DCA525
619F6F25 B667 4217 AF04 AC1BE0F6C1A5

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