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Help with colors in large, vaulted great room w/loft addition

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Hi all!  I have been a follower of Lori's for sooo long, and the pearls of wisdom along the way have been very helpful on many occasions.

This time, however, I am at an impasse and need help... and quickly 🙁

We are building a large great room addition at our home on the river, and I thought painting would be one of the last parts of this project, so I hadn't even started considering colors.  Then - out of nowhere - my contractor told me 3 days ago that he needed the ceiling color (and preferably also the wall color) in 24 hours.  His reasoning for painting the ceiling early is understandable; however, I wish I had notice.  Choosing paint colors is always quite a process for me.  The reason it's being painted early is that we have reclaimed flooring getting installed in the next month, and we don't want scaffolding on them... which is the only way to paint the 27' vaulted ceiling.

When I was put on the spot, I blurted out "Chantilly Lace", because I do love that white.  The architect has been a huge advocate for painting everything the same white shade - walls, ceiling, and trim.  So, the painters did the ceiling yesterday in Chantilly Lace, and it's very white (no kidding, right?). I'm having a hard time imagining it on the walls as well.  So I bought paint pots of BM Ballet White and a color match (in BM) of Farrow and Ball Slipper Satin.  I might be leaning towards Ballet White, but there's something airy about Slipper Satin.  Both look surprisingly darkish - especially next to Chantilly Lace on the ceiling.  I feel like CL would be fine for a trim color, but I am not keen on it as a ceiling color with either Slipper Satin or Ballet White.  Maybe BM Simply White or SW Pure White would be a better option?

Or do I run with the wall color on the ceiling as well?  I worry that will be too much.  The photos online in other homes look so light, but they come across SO differently on the various walls.  On some walls they look light.  On others, 2 shades darker.

Or do I do what the architect suggested and go with a proper, barely off-white like Simply White, Pure White, or another you might suggest... and do it on walls, ceiling, and trim?

This room is appx 40x28 w/27' ceiling at peak.  There will be three sets of reclaimed beams/trusses. There's an opening to the loft area.  The room faces the river with a wall of windows (NW).  There are also large glass sliders on the side facing NE.  2nd floor dormers face NE and SE.  We have a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace (on the low wall, so 12' high).  Floors are medium-toned wide plank oak in a brown with a tad of gray (not really noticeable).

I really need to get the choices to the contractor in the next couple of days, so any advice would be so appreciated.  I'm happy to pay for a color consult.  I wouldn't normally fret so much, but I really need to get this right.  Due to the heights in the room, repainting would be a nightmare.


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