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Easy RGB Values vs. Sample Values

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as I collect, organize and. catalog all my 8”x9” mfr paint samples, I’m realizing I’ve inadvertently toggled between labeling them with the easy rgb values and the data collected from the samples themselves. 

obviously there’s a difference in the 2 sets of values. 

I know the best answer should probably be pick a lane and stick to it….

 at this point I’m probably 50% easy RGB and 50% direct from sample so that’s impossible to undo 😂 

moving forward … which lane should I pick? @lorisawaya 

thank you! 

Lori Sawaya
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I default to EasyRGB whenever possible.

They're not going to be significantly different.

When you're using them as a pathway to a palette, it's not a big deal.

When it comes down to needing to compare colors, that's when consistency in the data matters most.

EasyRGB uses specularity included instruments and a Color Muse is specularity excluded. The Spectro 1 Pro is going to get you closest to EasyRGB because it also measures specularity included - that's why they say it's good for measuring glossy surfaces.

And obviously different samples are measured.

It gets to a point pretty quickly that you're fluent enough in notations to not be rattled by notations that don't align well. Because you're visually assessing the color and using the notation as a reference, color mojo check and balance.

Versus when you're new to notations and you're depending on the framework to define and describe color for you because you don't know where to even start.


House to Home Interiors
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oh man, I've been measuring with colormuse and labeling my color chips, too. I'll use it as a guide and then use EasyRGB for fine tuning color. 

Lori Sawaya
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Not a big deal as long as you're picking one lane to compare data values for colors.

Using notations as a reference to get a feel for what the color is/looks like, the difference between sources isn't going to be that significant. Value and Chroma differences are particularly nominal - usually. 

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