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Does LRV change if ...
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Does LRV change if you cut paint color formulas?

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Lori Sawaya
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Q. Does making a paint color lighter by 50% or 75% change the LRV?

A. This is a question that shows up in my inbox regularly. The answer is yes.

Whenever the formula is changed, what you get is a brand spankin' new color. Total guessing game what you'll end up with.

Might be very similar to the original color in terms of attributes, might not.

Absolutely NO WAY to know until you have it mixed and see what it looks like and/or measure it with a device like Color Muse so you can compare color data values and see exactly how it's different from the original target color.

At this point, you have to buy the gallon whether it's what you wanted or not.

You're better off looking for the right color instead of trying to make the wrong one work. But finding the right color is hard if you don't know how to do it... which is why so many think cutting/doubling formulas is an answer.

And, again, it's not the best plan which is why Color Strategists use color data values to find light/darker, more gray/less gray, more green/less green, etc. so they can pull chips, samples before buying gallons.

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