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Complimentary color option for pool deck with Alabaster house.

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Hi. Love the "Too many whites post" because we are just about to paint our house alabaster with Highly Reflective White trim. So glad we chose well. I came across the post trying to find a complimentary color to use on our pool deck. Pool deck obviously gets blaring sun. Our roof is brown,,and for now our pool tile are brown. We will one day change both of those

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Lori Sawaya
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You need to choose the product you're using on the pool deck first and talk to your contractor about what options you have for colors.

If they say they match paint colors, then I'd ask to see their product match to Alabaster. It's unlikely it will "match" exactly but because they were shooting to duplicate Alabaster, you can assume there's going to be a thread of color harmony that might work. My guess is you're going to get a sort of limestone-ish looking color in the pool deck product and less "off-white". Which IMO is a good thing for a pool deck.

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