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1 shade lighter for SW Alabaster

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I have been waiting to re-take Lori's course when she's finished with the entirety of it, so my education is a bit on pause.

I am looking for the next shade darker of SW Alabaster - LRV 83.  I can't really find anything, but I want it to be about 7 - 10 darker on the LRV scale or so.  I've been playing around with the color wheel with different values, and right now I'm looking at SW 6154 Nacre, LRV 79.  I've played around with the Colorography website and I'm thinking 25% darker might be too dark.

How much typically IS 25% darker on the LRV scale?  Plus, any thought would be appreciated.

Not sure how often people view these posts since we are not on FB anymore,  Thanks.  

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Did you try Muslin from D-E?  I searched in the DNA table- similar hue angle in the Yellow family, darker in value, and same chroma.  But I am not sure if I am on the right track because .... (see my note below picture!)


 I have been trying to figure this out also, after listening to Lori's you tube video on Agreeable Gray.  She had given a number of colors to use with AG for trim, the ceiling, and colors that are a little lighter and a little more colorful than AG.  So I have all the numbers but can't figure out HOW I would come up with those colors if someone wanted any of this information from me in a consultation.  Any thoughts?  I can't see the relationship, such as changing just the value or anything like that. I think this is the same as what you are trying to do.?

Also, is this group no longer on FB? 

And, what do you know about the new course? I haven't heard anything about that.  Is it just updates or more?


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Hi Amy - you are on the right track! It really is that straightforward.

If you wanted a colour similar to Alabaster, only darker - do what you did.                    

Either in the Color DNA Table or on EasyRGB - keep the same Hue Angle° Same Chroma.    Just lower the Value. Input that and see what the nearest results are.

You might lower the Value a number of times for increasingly darker options.

Here are a few other suggestions.

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Hi Patricia - you now have more finely tuned tools at your fingertips, when you are able to alter ALL a colour’s attributes of Hue / Value / Chroma / LRV individually, to find alternatives.  Like tuning-in an old school radio via the different knobs, finding the perfect wavelength to hear more clearly. 

LRV is only one of them. 

Thinking in terms of percentages darker or lighter, isn’t as helpful as it first sounds, because it isn’t specific enough. Even though you hear it being suggested often in blogs & magazines, it’s much more crude in comparison to the above. 

For example, Nacre is from the same tight Hue Family as Alabaster & also darker (lower Value) + reflects less light (lower LRV) BUT it has significantly more Chroma than Alabaster. It is a notedly more colourful colour. 

That extra hit of colour may actually be a better fit for the space, but I wouldn’t describe it as a near version of Alabaster, only darker, because the Chroma has altered too. 

it’s worth sitting with either the Color DNA Table or EasyRGB and adjust each attribute in comparison to the original. It makes you ask more specific questions of your client too.

Do they actually mean they want the same colour, only lighter (higher Value)? OR are they actually asking for a similar colour which is BOTH lighter (higher Value) AND a touch more neutral (lower Chroma)?? The results for each of these options will be different.



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New here and I am not sure about how the color dna works etc Would white dove be darker? I am looking at alabaster or white dove for my walls. (Trim is a custom mix but looks like snowbound). Would white dove (I really like) go with snowbound or would alabaster be better? 

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