Decorating with Maps

Decorating with Maps

Relocating from my Midwest home to the Southwest rekindled a fascination with geography and regional cultures in general.

Shortly after the big move I started noticing map art in home decor.

Map pictures

Walls adorned — even with just a tiny corner of the world — instantly infuses sophistication.  It’s a very smart look.

African decor map

The art of making maps and charts is called cartography.  Mastering color harmonies is just part of the job for a cartographer.  An expert’s hand is apparent as softly nuanced color unifies the world in this wall mural.


Gracefully fitting into a wide range of function and design, maps not only spark our sense of wanderlust but we’re also reminded that they too can ‘”go” anywhere.  Formal and refined in a library. . .

Map pic in den

. . .to perfectly placed in a playroom.  It’s never too early to learn about the big blue marble we all call home.

playroom map

For every mood, there is a map.  Sleek and modern anyone?

Mirrored World Map

Or maybe geographically kitschy is more your style.  Try a vintage tray.

providence map tray

Refolding a map is challenging enough, but weaving one into an art piece?  Can you imagine?   It measures a small, 9.3L x 7W x 1.5B cm.  Custom order for a larger size.  Purely artisan and cleverly repurposed.

woven map block

How about you, can you envision a map warming up available real estate on your walls?  Is decorating with maps something you would do?

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