Welcome to The Land of Color

The Land of Color

This is Color Made Easy™

Welcome to The Land of Color

Color Tools & Palettes

Color tools can be fun but they are also serious business.  That’s why I make stuff. Stuff that makes using and understanding color smarter and more efficient.  It’s the most fun part of being a Color Strategist.

You may have noticed (as if you could miss it) Swatch Right™ Paint-Peel-and-Stick Color Sample Decal.

I’ve also developed other color tools and paint palettes.

Like Color Compass Rose. It’s not just my logo it’s also a color tool.

Color Compass Rose Geocolorography


About Color Tools

Rose (as I like to call her) is about geocolorography. Geocolorography means choosing paint colors in accordance to directional cardinal and intermediate light qualities.  The Color Compass Rose Color Palette partners the perfect pitch of nuanced color with inherent qualities of natural light.

The result is uniquely pleasing and supportive atmospheres.  For example,  let’s say you have a north-facing room with a dim quality of light.  You’ll find colors of every hue perfectly suited to northern exposures in The Color Compass Rose Color Palette.

There are additional Color Tools and Palettes currently in development.

Contact me for more information on the Color Tools and Palettes we have to offer.

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