What is Chroma? Munsell-Color-Tree-with-Magenta-Arrows

Chroma – Explained in Plain English with Case Studies

AN EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ABOUT HOW CHROMA WORKS In this case study you will want to focus on two parts of the Colorographies: 1. Hue 2. Chroma When we look at Hue, we can see that all three colors belong to the Purple-Blue (PB) hue family. When we study their Chroma, we can see that Hale Navy has the lowest Chroma value, 1.51. Naval has a Chroma of 2. Admiral Blue has the most Chroma of the three coming in at 4.26.     The Chroma scale draws a picture of Chroma for you so the differences are easy to see at-a-glance and understand quickly. THE SKINNY What the numbers indicate and what the scale illustrates is how strong and colorful

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Am I seeing this color right?

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