Yes?  Then you are among an estimated 2% of the population.  If you aren’t sure, here’s a test that supposedly helps determine if you have the condition or not.

Synesthesia is described as a mixing of the senses or as seeing colors where they otherwise would not be.

Synesthesia Test Snip

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I’ve included some pictures and links to go along with the podcast. It goes a little longer than is typical for us – 40 minutes.  We had a lot to talk about.


The Frog Who Croaked Blue

Disney's Fantasia

Disney’s Fantasia

Born on a Blue Day

Black and Purple Petunias by Georgia Okeeffe

Black and Purple Petunias by Georgia Okeeffe

Piet Mondrian

Piet Mondrian 1872 – 1944
Period/Movement:  De Stijl Movement

Hawkney Stage Design

Set Design for DIE FRAU OHNE SCHATTEN by David Hockney


Kilford The Music Painter

Hang 5 Logo Oblong

Juicy, tropical brand identity for Hang 5

annie with text

Click To Go To Liz Brown’s Colorific Blog

Update 4/21/2011

Color Bud Debra Disman emailed links to her blog posts about synesthesia.  I wanted to tag the links on to the end of this post (even tho it’s not mentioned in the podcast) because it has some fab additional info.  Thanks, Debra.  Here are the links to more info about synesthesia on her blog, Artissima:

Artissima on Synesthesia Part 1

Artissima on Synesthesia Part 2

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  1. (Spelling error: It should be spelled David “Hockney”, not “Hawkney”. He’s pretty well known, so I thought you’d want to fix this asap. Feel free not to publish this comment.)

    • Oh my gosh, Cathryn, thank you so much. I made the correction ASAP. I completely spaced on that one and I appreciate the spellcheck assist. I thought about spelling your name with a “k” in an attempt to be funny, but decided against it. 🙂

  2. Whoa!I believe that’s my face up there. Why that’s almost like being in line at the supermarket and seeing one’s picture on the cover of The National Enquirer.

    All kidding aside…loved this podcast. Always so nice to have Lori, Kelly and Rachel over for a morning visit. Thanks for all the research you guys do, it’s great.

    PS. My ex’s name is Derek. Oh oh

  3. Hey, it’s better than a milk carton. Some day we’ll get together for a in-real-life visit! Glad you liked the podcast and thanks for commenting. Next time you see Derek tell him we all said “hi”. 😉

  4. OK- i am about to listen to the podcast, again! It is so chock full of info…deserves another listen!
    Thanks Lori, Kelly and Rachel…such a fascinating subject…Lori, thank you also for posting the links. I hope all the Budz are enjoying this!

  5. Debra, I thoroughly enjoyed your blog posts about synesthsia – beautifully done, bravo! Thank you for allowing me to share your info and links with the tribe here on Color Budz.

  6. Just a note re Heinz baked beans (!). I think the blue-green tin is perfect because beans are very commonly eaten and most people will have a strong visual image of the beans in their minds eye as soon as they see the name Heinz and the packaging is the exact complimentary colour of the orange beans so in ones eye the blue-green label makes the bean image in your eyes mind lovely and eye popping bright. They are just working the effect of complimentary colours (I think!). Also I wouldn’t want a tin to be the same colour as the beans because I wouldn’t want to feel as if I was handling the beans and getting my hand all sticky when I picked the tin off the shelf.Well thats my thought anyway! I love your podcasts and sometimes find myself joining in even when I am in the office alone!!!

    • They are just working the effect of complimentary colours (I think!)

      That’s a really good thought, Niki. Logical. Feasible.

  7. Oh how wonderful to connect with all of you. I have been so isolated in my way of feeling & seeing color. ”Synesthesia” I am now in love with this word. I was once tested my a Classical Music Composer who saw my connection to color in numbers. What a fascinating group I have stumbled upon. Thanks so much Lori.

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