Gutter and Downspout Colors – How To Choose

Black Gutter and Downspout colors

Here’s a quick and easy guide to choosing the right gutter and downspout colors for your home.

You have exactly two choices for gutters. Match the roof or match the trim. Gutters are utilitarian in the hierarchy of exterior color order (curb appeal) – which is why there are only two choices for color.

If you have nice wide, fat trim, gutters match trim. If there’s skinny or no trim, gutters match the roof.

The reason why so many have white or off-white gutters has nothing to do with good curb appeal and mindful color design. They’re white and off-white because those are the basic factory-finish choices and most people choke when it comes to choosing gutter/downspout colors so they default to white.

As a result, the choice of gutter and downspout colors often dictate trim color. Like, “if we can only get the gutters in white, I guess we’ll do the trim to match.” Plus, there’s a theory that white or off-white will “go with everything” which isn’t necessarily true.

Letting the factory choices for gutter and downspout colors dictate trim color is easier than customizing the gutters/downspouts so they disappear but it’s not always the best way to go.

Many believe you can’t paint gutters; that they will peel so you’re stuck with the factory finish. With proper prep, you can paint gutters. The better pro painters take the downspouts off, spray ’em and put ’em back up in a flash.

Point being, it’s not a big deal to customize your gutter color and downspout color. What I mean by customized for downspouts is paint them to match the body of the house if at all possible so they disappear. I have no problem with gutters and downspouts individually and strategically color coded so they fade away. Like this house.

What Color to Paint Downspouts

See what they did with the gutter and downspout color on this Georgian exterior? Looks like they pulled the darkest color from the brick for the downspout, I would have chosen a little lighter brick color. But hey, potato potahto; it still works better than white gutters striping the facade.

If you choose copper gutter and downspout colors that’s a different conversation.

Copper Gutter and Downspout colors


Of course, we all know that it’s not okay to paint any exterior element a darker color than its original factory applied color without first checking with the manufacturer for LRV, Light Reflectance Value, specifications.


LRV Light Reflectance Value of Paint Colors

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Am I seeing this color right?

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The Color Strategist Color Wheel by Lori Sawaya